The Oceanographer


The Oceanographer has been Joshua Babcock’s musical alias since 2007 when he first began assembling tracks for an upcoming LP. This album, “Coral Fixation,” was independently released in the summer of 2009 as a free 15-track online-only entity. Since this release, he has been experimenting with new methods of simultaneously complicating and simplifying his musical concept.

Joshua lists producer Nigel Godrich and the ambient works of Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, and Boards of Canada as major sources of inspiration, especially for his debut album. Soft, oscillating synths play a large part in The Oceanographer’s sound, and the mood is usually subdued and contemplative.

In mid-2011, The Oceanographer began working with Windsor-based vocalist / multi-instrumentalist Kevin Echlin to create a short EP of folk-rock inspired electronic music. The track “Olive Skin” spawned a collaborative music video with Windsor / Toronto production duo LadyMeta Movement. This was the first proper music video for The Oceanographer, and most likely the first of many. His music was also used in an OLN TV-series called Descending, which was a series about travelling and exploring the world’s water bodies.

He continues to develop his sound and explore collaborative options.

The Oceanographer’s music is available through these online vendors:






D Minor (EP)

1. Illegal Euphoria Tide

2. Nearly Edge and Nervous

3. Daydreams of Crow’s Nests

4. This is not Futuristic

5. Nearly Edge and Nervous (Consequence Remix)

6. Daydreams of Crow’s Nests (FURS Remix)

7. Illegal Euphoria Tide (Tetzzie Remix)

8. Daydreams of Crow’s Nests (Sinistarr Remix)

9. Distance (Highsage Further Acid Launcher Remix)

Released Digitally July 10th, 2013 – Detroit Underground Records 


Sea Minor (EP)

1. This is not Futuristic (ft. Kevin Echlin)

2. Olive Skin (ft. Kevin Echlin)

3. Lights in the City (ft. Kevin Echlin)

Released Digitally in October 2012

Available for free at


Coral Fixation

1. Low Tide

2. Because of This

3. Peak Silent

4. Cyan Eyed Girl

5. She

6. Illegal Euphoria Tide

7. Huron Your Own

8. Remembering Things that Never Happened

9. The Shortest Distance Between Two Places is Standing Still

10. Nearly Edge and Nervous

11. Candy’s Colourway

12. Distance

13. His Last Words Were a Corporate Slogan

14. Daydreams of Crow’s Nests

15. If These Tiles Could Talk

Released Digitally in September 2009

Available for free at