Avoiding a Negative Start to Your Response

August 29, 2023

Caffeinated Thought of the Week:

Have you ever been asked a question like, “What are thoughts about ___ ?" Or “I’m thinking about doing ___, what do you think?” And your initial reaction is “No, I don’t like that idea. How about ___ instead?” No one appreciates an immediate 'no' as a response, even if it might be the wise answer.

Here are 3 Quick Steps to guide the conversation without outright rejecting the idea:

  1. Ask questions
  2. Offer alternatives
  3. Listen, ask more question & provide feedback

Quote of the Week:

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” - Peter Drucker

Podcast of the Week:

Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast: Mastering communication with John Maxwell
Top Takeaways:

  • 16 Laws of Communication book
  • The Law of Connecting: It’s not about you when your speaking
  • The Law of Simplify: Take something complicated and make it simple
  • The Law of Results: Take Action

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