Can’t Persuade a Closed Door

November 21, 2023

Caffeinated Thought of the Week:

Have you ever tried discussing with someone who will not hear your side of view? It seems like you are talking to a brick wall. Let’s explore a few ways to open doors of understanding even when they seem closed tight.
***This is not a quick-fix solution, these steps could take minutes or years depending on the topic and individual.

  • The person knows their position is heard and understood completely.
  • The person knows that you are for them…aka you love them and you have their best interest in mind.
  • Ask purposeful questions leading them in your direction.

Quote of the Week:

“If God intended us to talk more than listen, he would have given us two mouths and one ear.” - Mark Twain

Reflection of the Week:

Think about the last discussion you were in. What was more important to you winning the discussion or loving the other person you were discussing with?

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