Work with Purpose in the Daily Grind

October 31, 2023

Caffeinated Thought of the Week:

Waking up on Monday morning can be approached in two ways: as drudgery or with eagerness. We all go through seasons of both. The book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell suggests that you need the following 3 qualities of work to be satisfying and fulfilling.

  • Autonomy - having independence/freedom
  • Complexity - some problem solving
  • A relationship between effort and reward - where hard work is recognized

Why is it that two people can be working the same job but one works in such a way that inspires others? It’s all about attitude and effort. Embrace your current role for the day and give it your all because you know that your current circumstances will not last forever. Then wake up and do it again.

Quote of the Week:

“Hard work is a prison sentence unless it has meaning.” - Malcolm Gladwell

Self-Reflection of the Week:

Chances are you have some or many types of work that meet Gladwell’s qualifications for satisfying and fulfilling whether it’s your 9-5, sports team, school, or a parent.

  • Ask yourself: Are you doing it in a way that inspires others? If not, what needs to change – your attitude or your effort?

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